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The Saint-Germain Chronicles by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Title: The Saint-Germain Chronicles
Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Series: Saint-Germain
Genre: Historical vampire fiction
Pages: 206
Copyright Date: 1983
Cover: Painting style. A pale man gazes at the reader, a trail of blood at the corner of his mouth, a sad expression on his face. He holds in his arms a young and beautiful blond woman - she appears to be drugged or dead. Behind them is a tapestry of a unicorn.
First line: "My dearest Madelaine: I read your name and my mind is filled with you, my heart."
Best part: The two good stories are very good indeed.
Worst part: A really mixed collection. I wasn't interested in the essay on the Count St-Germain as a historical figure, and I hated the first story.
Grade: C
Recommended for: Those who really want the complete Saint-Germain story. This anthology would not be a good place for those who have not read of him before.
Related Reads: Tempting Fate and Hotel Transylvania by the same author.

My favorite stories were Renewal and Cabin 33. The rest didn't do much for me.
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