Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Harm None by MR Sellars

Title: Harm None
Author: MR Sellars
Series: Rowan Gant #1
Genre: Supernatural mystery
Reason for Reading: I've been hearing about this pagan-themed mystery series for years.
Pages: 380
Copyright Date: 1997
Cover: A black cover, with a pentacle in red. Underneath it is scrawled "All Is Forgiven."
First line: "Be it known to all that the circle is now to be drawn," stated the slight, robed figure as she raised her arms upward to the sky.
Best part: Pagan detective.
Worst part: Atrocious editing.
Imaginary Theme Song: "I Put a Spell On You"
Grade: C-
Recommended for: Folks who really like pagan mysteries and are not driven mad by the use of excessive capitalization, unnecessary adjectives, and poor grammar.
Related Reads: Speak Daggers to Her by Rosemary Edgehill, Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey.
Tags: books 2009, fiction
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