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Dragon Lovers by Jo Beverly, Mary Jo Putney, Karen Harbaugh, and Barbara Samuel

Title: Dragon Lovers
Editor: None is listed, which frustrates me. Someone chose these stories, and moreover, they did quite a good job doing so. I would like to find more stories this editor has chosen but I have no way of doing so.
Genre: Fantasy romance.
Setting: We have the mystical kingdom of Saragonda, New Mexico in the present day, medieval England, and colonial Japan.
Reason for Reading: Sometimes you want to read something fluffy.
Pages: 375
Copyright Date: 2007
Cover: A woman in a fur-lined gown stares off the cover. If it really is cold out, her shoulders and bosom are going to catch a chil. There is a stone castle in the distance behind her.
First line: "'Being the Sacrifical Virgin Princess of Saragond stinks.'"
Best part: I liked all four of the stories in the book!
Worst part: Some of the dragons were a bit more, er, involved in the lovemaking than I was really pleased about.
Imaginary Theme Song: Dragon by Tori Amos
Grade: B-
Recommended for: People that love dragons. Anyone who likes the combination of fantasy and romance.
Related Reads: The Marriage Spell by Mary Jo Putney, To Weave a Web of Magic by Claire Delacroix, Lynn Kurland, Patricia A. McKillip, and Sharon Shinn, His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik.
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