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Muse and Reverie by Charles de Lint

Title: Muse and Reverie
Author: Charles de Lint
Series: Newford
Genre: Urban fantasy, short stories.
Setting: In and around Newford - a fictional city in Canada.
Reason for Reading: I would read Mr. de Lint's grocery lists, and I'm not ashamed.
Pages: 350
Copyright Date: December 2009
Cover: As with many of de Lint's recent books, the art is by John Jude Palencar. It shows a ghostly figure in a trenchcoat, looking out into a forest. A wooden box is in the foreground, and its lid appears to be floating.
First line: "Such a thing to find, so deep in the forest: a painter's box nested in ferns and a tangle of sprucey-pine roots, almost buried by the leaves and pine needles drifted up against the trunk of the tree."
Best part: This is a really solid collection. The stories are pleasingly different from each other.
Worst part: I'd read most of them before in other places.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Got to Keep a-Movin"
Grade: B
Recommended for: Previous fans of de Lint. I don't think it would be a good place to first encounter him - there's too much backstory already.
Related Reads: Dreams Underfoot is a classic by the same author. The Onion Girl provides most of the backstory you would need to read the anthology. Tagging the Moon: Fairy Tales from LA by SM Somtrow has much the same feel, though it's more horror than fantasy.
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