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Hemning Sternberg

Gateway by Sharon Shinn

Title: Gateway
Author: Sharon Shinn
Genre: Romantic YA fantasy.
Setting: Contemporary St. Louis, and another dimension with some parallels.
Reason for Reading: I love Shinn and read all her books.
Finished In: Months! This one dragged for me.
Pages: 280
Copyright Date: 2009
Cover: The cover design by Julie Kolesova reminds me very much of the cover of The China Garden, another romantic YA fantasy, but from what I can tell there's no actual connection between the two.
First line: "Daiyu looked over the assortment of jewelry at the old woman's booth and didn't see anything she liked."
Best part: I enjoyed Shinn writing in a different time and cultural setting.
Worst part: I found it easy to put down, which is rare for me with Shinn.
Imaginary Theme Song: "The Glory of Love" has the combination of sweetness, cheese, and overtones of the East.
Grade: C+, which strikes me as a low rating for Shinn.
Recommended for: Those who would like to see Shinn doing something a little different. I don't believe it's a good choice for a first read for her.
Related Reads: Wrapt in Crystal or General Winston's Daughter by the same author, though I liked both of those books better.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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