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Shalador's Lady by Anne Bishop

Title: Shalador's Lady
Author: Anne Bishop
Series: Black Jewels #8. It is a direct sequel to The Shadow Queen, which in turn was a long-range sequel to The Invisible Ring.
Genre: Dark fantasy.
Setting: Dena Nehele.
Reason for Reading: I really enjoyed The Shadow Queen. Plus, I just like Anne Bishop.
Finished In: Days.
Pages: 476
Copyright Date: 2010
Cover: A slightly gawky amber-haired woman in a red dress that doesn't suit her at all. Behind her stands a fountain.
First line: "Ranon stepped out on the terrace behind the Greyhaven mansion, closed his dark eyes, and raised the wood flute to his lips."
Best part: A plot twist near the end that surprised me.
Worst part: I would have liked to see Cassidy be a little more aggressive.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue
Grade: C+
Recommended for: Fans of the series.
Related Reads: The Invisible Ring and The Shadow Queen by the same author. Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K Hamilton.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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