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The Devil You Know by Mike Carey

Title: The Devil You Know
Author: Mike Carey
Series: Felix Castor #1
Genre: Dark fantasy. It's pretty close to being SPT for boys.
Setting: London.
Reason for Reading: I saw it reviewed on Bookish or Bookshare.
Finished In: Days
Pages: 501, plus a preview chapter of the next volume, Vicious Circle
Copyright Date: 2006 (I really didn't find out about this book for four years? That's... embarrassing.)
Cover: A man walks down a cobblestone street in the darkness. His arms are at his side but his shadow forms the shape of a cross.
First line: "Normally I wear a Czarist army greatcoat - the kind that sometimes gets called a paletot - with pockets sewn in for my tin whistle, my notebook, a dagger, and a chalice."
Best part: It was riveting.
Worst part: The level of distressing content was pretty low until near the end and then you get hit with a lot of graphic stuff. It's not that I have a problem with the graphic, I had just settled in to thinking it was kind of a "cozy" urban fantasy.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Eyes Like a Cat"
Grade: B-
Recommended for: Anyone who likes Jim Butcher is pretty much going to like this guy too.
Related Reads: Storm Front by Jim Butcher, Dead to Me by Anton Strout, Nightlife by Cal Leandros.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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