Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
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The War of the Rose by Kathleen Bryan

Title: The Golden Rose
Author: Kathleen Bryan, a pen name for Judith Tarr. I will note that it seems disingenuous to me when writers say it's their first book when it's a pen name.
Series: The War of the Rose, Book Two
Genre: Alternate history fantasy.
Setting: An alternate medieval Europe.
Reason for Reading: I liked book #1.
Finished In: Weeks, though not many. It was slow in places.
Pages: 287
Copyright Date: 2008
Cover: A woman in a black dress lies on the shore, staring blankly. Dead merpeople are beside her. An androgynous figure holds her in its arms. Waves come and go.
First line: "It's time."
Best part: Engrossing.
Worst part: Oddly predictable in places.
Imaginary Theme Song: Wild Child by Steppenwolf.
Grade: C+
Recommended for: Anyone who likes elaborate conspiracies. Conspiracies within conspiracies. Conspiracies against the conspiracies.
Related Reads: The Serpent and the Rose by the same author, The Magicians and Mrs Quent by Galen Beckett.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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