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Good Morning, Irene by Carole Nelson Douglas

Title: Good Morning, Irene
Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
Series: Irene Adler, book two
Genre: Mystery, pastiche
Setting: England, Paris and Monaco in the time of Sherlock Holmes
Reason for Reading: I enjoyed the first book, and ran across a cheap used copy of this.
Finished In: Days
Pages: 374
Copyright Date: 1990 (It weirds me out sometimes to read a book that's new to me, knowing it's been around a long time without my encountering it.)
Cover: A woman stares down at a body. Her expression is calculating. A sailor stands behind her in foul-weather gear.
First line: "The tragic and premature death of my friend Irene Adler was perhaps the most difficult circumstance of her life."
Best part: It's funny.
Worst part: I didn't find the plot all that engaging. It was a little too cozy for me.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Alice Blue Gown" (mentioned in the book)
Grade: C-
Recommended for: Holmes fans may wish to give it a look.
Related Reads: Good Night, Mr. Holmes by the same author, The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R King.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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