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Lord of the Changing Winds by Rachel Neumeier

Title: Lord of the Changing Winds
Author: Rachel Neumeier
Series: The Griffin Mage Trilogy: Book One.
Genre: Fantasy.
Setting: The imaginary land of Feierabiand, where everyone has an affinity.
Reason for Reading: It was a loan and recommendation from my metamour.
Finished In: Days.
Pages: 387, including an interview with the author and a preview of the second book in the series.
Copyright Date: 2010
Cover: A raptor's eye, close up, shows the reflection of a woman's face. She looks back at the eye as though she may be frightened or resigned.
First line: "The griffins came to Feierabiand with the early summer warmth, riding the wind out of the heights down to the tender green pastures of the foothills."
Best part: Wow, this is an original fantasy. The ending was fantastic.
Worst part: At some points, I felt that some of the characters seemed to be acting out of character. "No, he wouldn't really do that!" I don't think this was the author's intention.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Honey" by Moby
Grade: A
Recommended for: Any fantasy enthusiasts that enjoy exploration of cross-species interaction.
Related Reads: Color of Distance by Amy Thompson, Carnival by Elizabeth Bear.

This book was so good that I am afraid to read the sequel, because what if it's not as good?

I think I mentioned in my user profile that I'm not really into dragons. Well, I'm not. But griffins - griffins to me are interesting. They are typically portrayed as being really majestic and noble and having inscrutable motives. I loved the griffins in this book, they did actually read as inhuman to me. I strongly recommend this title.

Another note - the related reads I mention are sf, not fantasy. I can't actually think of any other fantasies I've read that treated this cross-species stuff so seriously. If you can, mention it in the comments? Because maybe I've read something like this before and just can't remember that I did.
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