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The Agency: A Spy in the House by YS Lee

Title: The Agency: A Spy in the House
Author: YS Lee
Series: The Agency book one
Genre: YA
Setting: Victorian London
Reason for Reading: I saw a review which mentioned the setting and the fact that the protagonist is a teenage woman of color and, well, I couldn't resist.
Finished In: Days
Pages: 335
Copyright Date: 2009
Cover: A woman in period dress walks down a cobblestone street. Her skirts are in her hands and she has an excited expression on her face.
First line: "She should have been listening to the judge."
Best part: This book is fast-paced and exciting, with a believable and interesting main character.
Worst part: A predictable plot twist disappointed me toward the end.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Just a Girl" by No Doubt
Grade: B
Recommended for: Fans of YA fiction won't want to miss it.
Related Reads: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig, Cotillion by Georgette Heyer, The Season by Sarah McLean.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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