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Hemning Sternberg

Troubled Waters by Sharon Shinn

Title: Troubled Waters
Author: Sharon Shinn
Series: If I know my favorite romantic fantasy writer, it's the start of one.
Genre: Romantic fantasy.
Setting: Mostly the city of Chialto, capital of an imaginary land.
Reason for Reading: I pretty much read everything that Shinn writes.
Finished In: Days. That was as much as I could pace myself.
Pages: 391
Copyright Date: 2010
Cover: A woman rising from green waves. Her hair and clothing are mysteriously dry.
First line: "Navarr Ardelay's body was laid to rest in a blazing pyre, as befit a sweela man who owed his allegiance to flame."
Best part: Sharon Shinn wrote gay boys! Oh, Sharon, I'm so proud of you.
Worst part: Some of the plot twists made little sense to me.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - Elton John and Kiki Dee
Grade: C+
Recommended for: This would make a good introduction to Shinn's work, especially for those who are curious about romantic fantasy.
Related Reads: General Winston's Daughter by the same author. The Blending books by Sharon Green (which I'll admit I didn't like).

Three more titles, and I'll be done logging my 2010 reads!
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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