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City of Bones by Martha Wells

Title: City of Bones
Author: Martha Wells
Genre: Fantasy
Setting: The desert city of Charisat, in the steampunk era, with magic.
Reason for Reading: I read it because I love Martha Wells, I read it NOW because yunafonfabre lent me her copy.
Finished In: Weeks, maybe a week and a half because I slowed myself down on purpose.
Pages: 356
Copyright Date: 2007
Cover: A shining city rising out of desert landscape. A lit procession is walking toward it.
First line: "Somewhere else, in a land shadowed by age and death, a man readies himself to look into the future for what may be the last time."
Themes: Friendship, madness, learning, outsiders.
Best part: I liked reading a fantasy with a nonhuman protagonist. Furthermore, I loved that he wasn't a dragon, unicorn, or talking horse, but rather a desert marsupial that was NOT cute.
Worst part: It lacked, in my opinion, the humor of many of Wells' works.
Imaginary Theme Song: Marco Polo by Lorenna McKennit
Grade: C+. I liked it a lot.
Recommended for: Fans of stories of desert magic.
Related Reads: The Element of Fire by the same author. Arabesque edited by Susan Shwartz.
Tags: books 2011, fiction
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