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Children of Men by PD James

Title: Children of Men
Author: PD James
Genre: Science fiction. All of James' other titles are mysteries.
Setting: England in 2021.
Reason for Reading: I saw the movie and liked it a few years back.
Finished In: Days
Pages: 241
Copyright Date: 1992
Cover: A closeup in blue of a child in the womb, eyes open. Rather creepy actually.
First line: "Early this morning, 1 January 2021, three minutes after midnight, the last human being to be born on earth was killed in a pub brawl in a suburb of Buenos Aires, aged twenty-five years, two months, and twelve days."
Themes: Infertility, end of the world, death of a child, betrayal, dysfunctional families. (Yeah, it's a cheery one all right.)
Best part: For such a short book it is very dense and intense.
Worst part: It was even bleaker than the movie.
Imaginary Theme Song: Ruby Tuesday - though it wasn't in the book it was very important in the movie, and yes, I know some people will think that's a dumb reason.
Grade: B
Recommended for: Folks interested in different models of the world ending in literature.
Related Reads: Dies the Fire by SM Stirling, A Brother's Price by Wen Spencer, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by the same author.
Tags: books 2011, fiction
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