Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Apocalypse No

I'm feeling a lot of sympathy for the folks swept up in the Camper sect today. What's that got to be like, to believe something so deeply and have it fail so spectacularly? I hope there aren't a lot of suicides among their number; I hope the head honcho doesn't tell people to off themselves.

It's true I couldn't resist poking fun, a bit. I try not to do that about other people's beliefs but sometimes it's hard, particularly when you know you're among the legions of the damned in their minds. At least I didn't do it to anyone's face - just snarked to my friends and on the Internet. But the Campers did give me this - Friday and yesterday I considered briefly whether I'd be happy with my life if the world really was ending - whether I walk the talk, do the work that needs doing. If it turned out they were right and I was wrong, would I have any regrets? I thought I wouldn't. I still just don't want any part of a god who would damn you to eternity in hell for not worshipping him - if even those folks were right I'd rather burn than convert. Not all Christians believe that, I know - but they sure did.

My favorite day for the end of the world is December 21st, 2012 - end of the Mayan calendar Long Count. Not "I know it's coming" but just a wondering. But it's not the sort of thing you repent for. Either it'll happen or it won't. I hope I'll just be feeling sheepish on the 22nd, like those folks probably are today. I hope the woman who gave me the brochure on Friday feels relieved that the world didn't end, not crushed.

ETA: This post says some interesting things about the post-Rapture situation too: http://theferrett.livejournal.com/1620349.html
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