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This week I got an e-book reader, something I've been wanting to try out for several years.

It happened this way - my friend anotherjen posted in her journal saying she wanted one. I said, "Ooh, me too, maybe if there are two available I can grab the second one" or something like that. Then, treacle_well (who I have known a long time but have seen rarely the last few years) posted saying that she had a pocket Sony Reader she was looking to part with. anotherjen said she was looking for something bigger, and I was the next in line!

I picked it up on Tuesday night. It is in perfect condition, treacle_well said she never used it and that was why she wanted it to have a new home. I love the quality of the image and the fact that it's not backlit. It doesn't feel like looking at a computer screen. For me, it is a perfect size - I almost always read paperbacks because hardcovers are heavy and bulky. The memory is 2 gb, and given how small ebooks are that's quite a lot.

The first thing I read on it was Pride and Prejudice which it came with.

I am very happy and squeeing about this still. I appreciate anotherjen, treacle_well, and the universe for sending this my way.
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