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The Royal Pain by MaryJanice Davidson

Title: The Royal Pain
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Series: Alaskan Royal Family, book 2
Genre: Humor, romance, speculative fiction
Setting: An Alaska that split off from Russia and was never bought by the US.
Reason for Reading: The first book was really funny.
Finished In: Days, maybe one and a half.
Pages: 352
Copyright Date: 2005
Cover: Shows a woman ice-fishing. Her fishhook is snagged in the sweater of an eligible-looking gentleman.
First line: "'Nicky, get down!' Alexandria's father roared, and her little brother dropped like a rock and rolled away."
Epigraph: There are three. One is the poem "The Evil Seekers" by Anne Sexton, one is a dirty quote from When Harry Met Sally about the name Sheldon. The third is the line "Treason and murder ever kept together" by William Shakespeare.
Themes: Family, penguins, handcuffs, trauma.
Best part: It was funny and sexy.
Worst part: Is this whole series just based on the idea that it's funny to make people royalty and then make them curse, be rude, and have disgusting personal habits?
Grade: C+
Recommended for: If you like the light witty style of Davidson you'll like this one too.
Related Reads: The Royal Treatment, which is the first book. Also, Undead and Unwed, the first in the author's more famous series.

This is the first book I read all the way through on my ebook reader. It went very well.
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