Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Hit and Run by Lawrence Block

This book is fourth in Block's popular series about Keller the hit man. If you have not read the series before, you should start with Hit Man which is followed by Hit List and Hit Parade, and I just love those titles.

Keller and Dot have done their last job together. They are ready to retire on their investments. And then a marker gets called in. Someone prepaid for a job a while back, to maintain anonymity, and now the time has come to pull the trigger. Keller finds himself in Des Moines, waiting patiently for the go-ahead, when he finds out that the governor has just been assassinated. And why is his face suddenly on the news? With Dot unreachable and nearly no money, Keller will have to use all his wit and resources to stay one foot ahead of the law.

"'Right now it wouldn't bother me to give the money back.'
'For perhaps the first time in my life,' Dot said, 'I feel that way myself. Still, all things being equal --'
'Whatever that means.'
'I've often wondered myself. It does get a sentence started, though. All things being equal, I'd just as soon keep the money. And it's the last job.'
'That's what we said,' he said, 'about the job before this one.'
'I know.'
'But then this one came along.'
'It was a special situation.'
'I know.'
'You know, if it really bothered you, you should have said something.'
'It didn't really bother me until a few minutes ago,' he said, 'when the radio switched from "The Girl with Emphysema" to "This Just In."'
'"The Girl from Ipanema," Keller.'
'That's what I said.'
'You said, "The Girl with Emphysema."
'Are you sure?'
'Never mind.'" p 10

I think this is one of the best books in the series. If you enjoy witty dialogue, crazy scenarios, and the occaisional remorseless killing, you should give it a try. However, if you haven't read the other books I do advise starting with the beginning of the series, as Much Is Explained. Four stars.
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