Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre

This book was well-reviewed in the "romantic sci fi" genre. It is basically a space opera number. Sirantha Jax is one of the elite - a jumper - she can navigate the pitfalls of grimspace that must be faced for long-distance travel. But something went wrong with her last jump, and since then she is confined "for her own good" by the psych ward of the Corp she serves. Until March comes along. They hate each other at first sight and she has no idea what his motives might be for setting her free. So why does she have the feeling he sees right through her?

I must admit this book annoyed me. I'm surprised that Sirantha's martyr complex allows her to fit through doors. She blames herself for the accident she can't remember, that killed 83 people - that's understandable. But she also blames herself for the casualties incurred in the rescue mission that gets her out of prison (one she didn't ask for, help plan, or even know was happening). She blames herself for the casualties incurred in a landing on a hostile planet, even though no one told her what was going on or what needed to be done to protect the group and it wasn't her idea in the first place. I could go on with the blame examples but I wouldn't want to spoil the whole book. (Heh.) She thinks that she is clearly a "dark luck charm" and that it would be better for the whole world if she killed herself, but she's not selfless enough. Honey, you are far TOO selfless. Please, just get over yourself.

There is a way that this plot could have gone that would have been cool - Sirantha comes to realize that in fact, the whole fate of the universe does not rest on her shoulders and that she deserves to be happy. But it goes the other way. By the end of the book she is more convinced than ever that it is her job to keep everything from falling apart. She beats herself up for things she has no influence over. I just found it frustrating.

I can't really recommend this book. Two stars.
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