Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

peanuts okay

While I'm not planning on taking a peanut butter bath anytime soon (ewww!) at this point it looks like peanuts in small doses are no longer a problem for me.

Last night mrpet made a fantastic pasta and meat dish with kind of a sweet and spicy African sauce. Really yummy. What I didn't know was that it contained about a quarter cup of peanut butter. My reaction to this was minimal - about an eight on my "tummy scale" which means "a bit gassy" and a few months ago was considered to mean "a very good day to be LadyA." (I think I am drawing the line somewhere around seven, which is "Gassy, but not uncomfortable.") I had a similarly mild reaction to having potatos cooked in peanut oil a few weeks ago.

I am not planning to start keeping peanuts or peanut butter at home - I still intend to use moderation in my consumption of things I have had problems with in the past, and the other nut butters I use are a fine substitute - but I will no longer turn down vegan treats because they have peanuts in them, for example. Or disdain peanut sauce in restaurants. Or not eat nuts because they might have been cooked in peanut oil. Yum.
Tags: allergies, food
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