Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

trouble in the forest

The dream started with the humans landing on a place like New Caprica.

Then the humans split into three factions that wanted to live on different parts of the planet. I was in charge of one that wanted to live in/by the water. Another group wanted to live in the forests and/or mountains. The third group wanted to stay with the ships and was run by bearsir. Despite all that he and I tried to do to keep people amicable and talking to each other in a council format, there was a lot of fighting between the groups. Eventually, my group was mostly wiped out, including my little sister (who was sick and needed to live planetside). I took a few children back to the ships, which were protected. bearsir took me in. He said he knew I wouldn't have been able to come back until my sister died. "Yes," I said. "She just couldn't live on a ship."

The remaining group that had control of the planet's surface thought that peace would make us weak and it was important to keep fighting each other. With my group gone they would have started trying to get through or around the ship's protections. We knew we would have to leave them behind, despite all our efforts.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Who Knew?" - Pink
Tags: dreams
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