Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

My Husband's Sweethearts by Bridget Asher

Lucy is fit to be tied. She has been separated from her cheating bastard of a husband for six months when her mother calls her to say that he is dying. She doesn't want to care, but she wants to do her duty, so she flies back to the home they shared. But why should she be alone in her pain when her husband was never alone in his fun? How is that fair? In a fit of drunken pique, she starts calling the women in his little black book, saying, "Artie Shoreman is dying. Please call to schedule your time at his deathbed." Much to her suprise, the Sweethearts do come to call - with their own agendas, secrets, and needs. Unlikely bonds develop and Lucy comes to realize that love comes in many forms.

"Did I mention that (my mother)'s brought her dog, Bogie? Bogie is a well-endowed dachshund. He is so well-endowed that her fourth husband called him the five-legged dog. The fifth leg, however, is a sad appendage. First of all, neutered and ball-less, it's been rendered pretty useless. Second of all, because of the dog's swayed back and four stumped legs, it had started to drag a bit on the ground -- not so bad in shag carpeting but difficult when it came to, say, gravel. This was a problem.. My mother decided it was not anyway to live, that it was embarassing, in fact, so a few years back she fashioned some penis supports for dear aged Bogie.. She uses wide ribbon and bows, always color coordinated with holidays -- orange in fall, red and green in winter, robin's egg blue in spring... As a result, Bogie always looks like he's dressed for some upcoming event." (p 32-33)

This book is funny - if the quote behind the cut didn't make you laugh, I suspect your sense of humor may have been removed. It is touching and struck me as being very real. I could imagine this happening partly because it is so out of left field, as real life frequently is. The themes of death and cheating were handled tastefully. I recommend it to fans of chicklit. Four stars, a solid B in the new system.
Tags: books 2008, fiction
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