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goodbye, three pounders

Ninety-minute gentle yoga. Nautilus orientation. Stretch class. Private workout. Sit, ready, row!

Sunday morning I attended the ninety-minute, higher-level gentle yoga class. The teacher had encouraged me to try it, and I'm glad I did. I was able to do most of what the class did, though I wouldn't have called it easy. I know that the sixty-minute Level One class is a better fit for me overall, but when I really need a lot of yoga, this class is good also. The length was my favorite part. I'm sure that the harder stuff (like pose sequences) will come with time.

Monday I didn't feel like going to the gym until the afternoon, and then I couldn't go because I had to go rescue a package from the UPS depot. But I still did a free Nautilus orientation, which lasted an hour. Each of the Nautilus machines was demonstrated, and then we tried them ourselves and the fitness specialist wrote down the right settings for us, weight, seat settings, et cetera. I'm glad we had to actually try the machines - I am way less intimidated by them now. I liked the woman who was taking the orientation with me and I gave her my email address. The instructor mentioned other free stuff we can do - Jumpstart, which is a general gym orientation thing, and freeweight orientation. So I am definitely going to sign up for both of those, but I am giving myself a week or two off first. I am learning a lot and don't want to get overwhelmed.

Tuesday I went to the gym in the morning for stretch class. The instructor is a little uneven. She doesn't always do a good job of describing what she wants you to do, which is problematic since she doesn't repeat the same routine over and over. But she is warm and friendly and that counts for a lot in my book.
Tuesday afternoon I hurried to get back to the gym before a three o'clock commitment. I went through the routine I got from the personal trainer, in the weight area. It took me about forty minutes. I am gaining confidence with my squats and lifts, and my balance is clearly improving. In this workout, I tried using heavier weights for the first time - 7.5 pounds each, as opposed to five. It was hard but good. I decided to try that again with a class, except for chest flys. I can't do those yet with a heavier weight. Ouchie.

This afternoon I did the Strong Women class with T, who is the more challenging instructor that teaches it. I was a little trepidatious (another great word) but I got the 7.5 weights. I started out using fives but it felt too easy! I also had the threes with me as a security blanket, but I didn't need to use them. Switching to the fives gave me enough of a break. So next time I will leave them in the rack. Goodbye threes.
I considered staying through to my evening class but decided not to. Today's SW routine was very much like the one that I did with the personal trainer. I thought I could do another workout, but not two hours worth, especially without my afternoon snack. So I headed to Goodwill and bought two more pairs of excercise pants instead. (I know. I should be stopped. But, at least they double as pajamas?)

This evening I went back to the gym for a thirty-minute class on how to use the rowing machine. Wow! It was interesting and challenging, but not impossible. The instructor was the same one I had had for the BOSU workshop, but she was better this time than she was last time - more patient with where people were at and not so much comparing their progress. Rowing was... completely different from anything I've done. You move your arms forward, then lean in from the hips, then bend your legs. Then straighten your legs forcefully, lean back, and finally pull your arms in. I liked the motions and the way that you control the speed yourself. We broke it down into drills - just moving our arms, then adding the back, then the legs, and the reverse. Then we practiced rowing together. Finally we did sort of a sprinting test, in which we went as hard as we could for something like five minutes, and the instructor wrote down our results. She is going to send us something about target rates based on that. It was a good class and I will definitely use the rowing machine again.

Tomorrow will be the Day of Yoga. I am planning on going to both Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga tomorrow evening. Elemental Yoga is between them, but I don't want to overdo it... so I think I'll do a workout in between instead (perhaps with the Nautilus machines, while the ways to use them are still fresh in my mind). Or I might go home for dinner. Food is good.
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