Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

fairy tale husbands

In my dream, I was part of an extended Asian family. I was sent by my branch of the family to visit another branch. The first cousin I met was female, and she immediately felt like a sister. We had so much in common. The second cousin I met was a guy in a wheelchair. His skin was pale and his hair was long and dark. He did not feel like a brother. We talked and clicked immediately. He told his sister he wanted to take me out to dinner. We both dressed up, him in a tux. He mentioned that he sometimes like wearing dresses, which had me swooning, so I put on one of his - it was a little small in the chest, heh, but it still fit. It was black with a vintage-style pattern - little dots of color set in swirls, plum and pink and burgundy.

We had dinner together and I knew that this was the person I wanted to be with forever. He said that he had a plan to marry me and I agreed.

The next morning a sorcerer appeared at the family dwelling, who bore a startling resemblance to my cousin. He could walk, though. He acted very arrogant. He offered the family some magical powders (a white powder to put on your face that would help you defeat anyone you met on the field of battle, a grey powder to put in your socks that when you walked, would take you to a better job than the one you had before, and a red powder that guaranteed that you would only have sons). In exchange for these powders and an alliance with him, he wanted three nights in bed with me. After the three nights I would be allowed to choose whether I wanted to stay with him or have some other destiny. The family agreed immediately. I did not argue, because I thought this was a trick of my cousin's.

Even once he had taken me away, though, the sorceror continued acting arrogant and didn't seem like the cousin I knew. I started to wonder. Was he really just a random sorceror who happened along? If so, would I be able to use the whole destiny-choosing thing at the end to marry my cousin after all? Or was he actually my cousin, and had he bargained away part of his soul for these powers, and was that why he was acting so strange? I also started to wonder if perhaps my cousin had the blood of a seahorse or selkie and if that was why he couldn't walk.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Wedding Dress" by Matt Nathanson

Damn, that one was good enough to turn into a story.
Tags: dreams
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