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vampires come in a kiss

Title: Vulnerable: The First Book of the Little Goddess Series
Author: Amy Lane
Genre: Contemporary fantasy, erotica, GLBT
Pages: 265
Copyright Date: 2005
First Line: "If it hadn't been for Arturo, I never would have known what Renny and Mitch were, and if I hadn't known that, I never would have known what Adrian was."
Cover: Photograph. Black foreground, distorted trees and skies in the background.
Best part: The way that the characters perceive sex and relationships.
Worst part: The editing is very poor. Lots of plural errors.
Grade: B-
Recommended for: Anyone who likes the Merry Gentry books, and I know there are a lot of you out there.

Cory is just a small-town girl hiding behind a tough-girl attitude and a lot of eye makeup while she struggles to make it out of the sticks and into college. She writes her papers during the graveyard shift at the gas station. She wonders who the strange people are that regularly come into the gas station at night. Then one of them opens her eyes to a whole new world, full of vampires and pixies and runaways that can change into enormous housecats. (That was my favorite plot point, really - hundred-pound sentient tabbies? How can you not love that?) Will she find her place in this new world, or is she really what she believes herself to be - nobody special?

I wanted to get my hands on this book for a long time. It was published through iUniverse, a self-publishing house. Eventually intuition_ist got it for me. I hoarded it for a while and finally read it this week.

It's pretty much like the Kiss of Shadows books, except that it's much more queer.

Oh, you want more?

Fine. Well, it could have stood a good editor. Take a look at the epigraph, would you?

"Cat's come in a clowder
Whales come in a pod
Wolf's come in a pack
And so do dogs...
Vampires come in a kiss...
There's a flock of birds
A school of fish
A clutch of dragons
(Can you clutch a dragon?), but
Vampires come in a kiss...
Human's group in Elven halls,
Vampires love to see them fall..
We all come in a vampire's kiss..."

I think this poem encapsulates a lot of my experience of the book. It's intriguing, almost haunting. I couldn't get it out of my head the other day and was trying to remember the order of the lines. But it's poorly punctuated and the plurals are not just wrong, but inconsistent too. Still, the author's writing style shines through. There are moments of brilliance. The narrative is very strong. I had mixed feelings about the ending, but I think overall it's quite a good book. If you like the Faerie porn genre of fantasy, that is.
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