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Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce

Title: Melting Stones
Author: Tamora Pierce
Genre: Fantasy, YA/children's
Pages: 312
Copyright Date: 2008
First Line: "Hey, kid -- stop hanging off that rail!"
Cover: Background of green sky, mountains, and trees. Foreground of an Asian-looking girl with a purple headwrap and a purple sling on her back, holding something that seems to glow purple and green.
Best part: A higher degree of realism in what magic can and can't do than we've seen in previous installments of this series.
Worst part: The characters aren't very likeable.
Grade: C
Recommended for: Those who weren't ready for the Magic Circle series to end.

This book is the latest in a long series. It started with Sandry's Book and the previous installment was the excellent Will of the Empress, which still has not been surpassed by this author in my opinion. It was released as an audiobook before being released in hardcover, an interesting choice, but I read it rather than listening to it. Melting Stones was the second of the two books I chose for December, reading one chapter per day. It is the one that I didn't lose, so of course it's one that I liked less.

Evvy is being sent away from Winding Circle to learn better discipline after misusing her powers. She and her mentor Rosethorn are to investigate suspicious changes on the Battle Islands. Evvy sees that something terrible is coming - but can she and Rosethorn save the people of the island?

I found this book somewhat of a letdown. Evvy is hard to like. On the plus side, within this book natural laws are being worked with, instead of simply broken as in some previous books. Still, I'm not going to read it again. C.
Tags: books 2009, fiction
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