Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

energy- and bodywork share, Janury 25th

nessur and I, with the generous help of findingthegirl will be hosting an open invitation energywork and bodywork share January 25th from noon to four. Yup, you're right, that's in a little more than a week!

Most salient points:

- All are welcome.
- You do not need to know anything about energywork or bodywork to come. We will have at least one mini-workshop where people can learn how to do things towards the beginning. (Want to teach a bite-sized beginner-friendly workshop? Please volunteer!)
- Expect to both give and receive.
- This event is kid-friendly, though not kid-proof. (There may be nudity in the pursuit of healing, if that matters to the parents.)
- This is not THAT kind of party. No sex, and please stay focused on healing.
- Since it will be on Sunday, there will be free parking on the street.
- We're in Davis Square.

Please email me to RSVP and get directions (username@livejournal.com), and have a great day!
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