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farewell to Bush

My dreams of "someone else for President" have finally been realized. (And I am so, so lucky that it is with someone so fabulous and inspiring as Barack Obama.)


Bush flew out to Texas yesterday, presumably with his tail between his legs. The red carpet was removed due to "wind conditions."
Cheney was in a wheelchair yesterday due to a "moving injury." Does this mean he actually DID let the door hit him on his way out?

And here is a charming article I read yesterday comparing Bush to other poor presidents in US history. It was written before the flood of "Bush is the worst president EVAR EVAR!!" articles that came out yesterday evening and uses a little more objectivity.


Now I will take my cranky pants off. *wiggle* I am happy that Obama thanked Bush for his time of service in office in his inaugural address. It was pretty disastrous for all of us, but I believe that Bush, like McCain, truly thought he was doing the right things for the country. He might even have been doing the best he could, and not everything that's gone wrong in our country in the past eight years is his fault. W, I hope that the rest of your life is both quiet and well-lived. Good luck.
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