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Mutineer's Moon by David Weber

Title: Mutineer's Moon
Author: David Weber
Series: Mutineer's Moon #1.
Genre: Sci fi, space opera.
Pages: 315
Copyright Date: 1991
Cover: A spaceship flying out of a cavern, with the witty line "There's something funny about Earth's Moon..." in small type up above.
First Line: "The huge command deck was as calm, as peacefully dim as ever, silent but for the small background sounds of environmental recordings."
Best part: The premise is just so silly and fabulous.
Worst part: The villains are pretty unbelievable.
Grade: C
Recommended for: Those who enjoy Weber and "alternate present" type sci fi.
Related Reads: On Basilisk Station by the same author, The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, and the truly bizzare Happy Policeman by Patricia Anthony.

Our moon is actually a spaceship.
No, really, the moon is a spaceship! Stick with me!
The moon is a spaceship and the spaceship had a mutiny. The mutineers were the first humans. We are all descended from them. Hang in there! It gets even better!
The spaceship can think, and it wants a new captain. Who better than an average military guy who doesn't even know it exists? That, my friends, is the true beauty of Weber.

This book is fun, although the bad guys are just too hard to believe, an odd combination of powerful, cruel, and dumb. Seriously, how did you start some many of Earth's wars all these millenia (oh yeah) being that stupid? Still, if you're not going to take it too seriously, it' an entertaining read. C.
Tags: books 2009, fiction
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