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You know how my laptop battery just died? Like, two days ago?

Well, now the hinge on the cover of my laptop is broken. mrpet took a look at it and said it couldn't be fixed.

I asked him if I could get another cover without replacing the whole computer. My Cliff Notes summary of his answer is "not really." We would have to buy another computer of the same kind and then try to move the screen over... it sounds like it would be complicated, labor-intensive, and expensive. So that's not the plan.

Unfortunately, this basically means I'm going to need a new laptop. Now? No. It is still working (and I'm glad this was already my week for offsite backup, let me tell you - I'm worried what might go wrong next!). But it is not a laptop anymore in the traditional sense - it can't be closed or easily moved around.

This reminds me of how cars used to be designed to last forever, but that didn't work very well for the auto industry, because if your car lasts forever then there is no real need to buy a new one. So, now cars are designed to last five to ten years and then need more work (I think that's the time frame but I could be wrong) inspiring people to replace them. I am kind of wondering if my computer was designed the same way.

So, friends - any good computer suggestions? What kind of laptop do you use? What do you love about it? Anything you hate about it?
I do use Windows and I am reluctant to get a Mini.

If left to my own devices, I might pick up this one:
but maybe you know of an even better deal? I'd like to spend $500 or less - I can probably spend up to $650 if I really need to. My other desire is for lightness - the current laptop was really only good for moving from one room to another or taking on trips, I never took it around town with me much.

And yes, I do check consumer reports and pc magazine and places like that before making a purchase decision of this size.

ETA: Now I find out that "minis" are between six and twelve inches. My current laptop is around twelve inches. Ha! So I may not be anti-mini after all if I can find something on the larger end of that.
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