Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

still going

I am still waiting for the "system restore in case of horrible bad" to finish transferring.

I find that I am getting cranky about this process. Larger and larger parts of me want to say "Screw it!" But after a day it is 27% transferred, and I switched the "sleep" options on the computer so it will stop shutting itself off until it is done.

There is a reason that I no longer have a job that is computer-focused. I had forgotten that staring at computers all day, waiting for them to do their thing, makes me cranky. This brings back bad memories of archiving lab notebook pdfs on offsite servers.

Still. By my calculations, this should mean that the "oh shit!" backup will have finished transferring sometime on Sunday, or perhaps a bit sooner. Then I will do my reinstall (which I actually feel fairly confident about at this point) and hopefully that will give me a more useful desktop.

I think I am also at the point where I should go and fondle some new laptops. I would like to meet them in person, or at least representatives of their species, before I make a final call. But the MSI Wind is still looking good. Perhaps a visit to BestBuy is in order.
Tags: tech
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