Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Windows reinstall

So, I spent most of yesterday reinstalling Windows on my desktop. I was starting from Windows XP 2002, so the updates were endless. Service Pack One... Service Pack Two... Service Pack Three, and then at least thirty-five Security Updates... It just went on, and on, and on. And then reinstalling the virus software and other programs I need...

The first part went pretty well, and I do now have a backup of the clean install. The part that did not go as well? So far, I have neither been able to install drivers from the handy driver install disk that came with the computer, nor from the manufacturers website. Which I suppose is not a huge problem, except that the audio is not working. The manufacturer's website also says "Do not install drivers unless you have to, because they may make the problem worse!" Encouraging, huh? I wonder if I should have installed the drivers before I started to update the Windows. I hope that's not true, since it would mean I would have to start over. :P

I decided around four o'clock to give myself a rest and re-visit the problem today. Or maybe later than today. We'll see. In theory, I should be getting my new laptop tomorrow, which I'm sure will bring its own set of blessings and complications.

ETA: Yeah, the drivers thing... seems to be out of my league. The thing that is first on the list for the "very important order in which to install things which you must respect or things will not work" is not listed on the other important list of "appropriate drivers for your particular computer model." I really wish someone else would take over here. I am not a geek and I have already spent so much time on the darned thing.

- Install drivers. Somehow.
- Download Acrobat Reader.
- Try printing from GoogleDocs.
- Vaccuum the back.

- Install a bit more memory.
Tags: tech
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