Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Kickboxing 101

This morning I took a half-hour workshop on Kickboxing.

This is one of the monthly "special workshops" my gym has. They are taught by personal trainers and they are free. <3 I love the chance to try a taste of something new, and I think it's great that there are new ones every month.

I had been pretty sure I wasn't going to make it to this one, though. Although I had signed up for it in advance, I couldn't go to bed last night until after midnight. I just wasn't tired. But, I woke up at six-thirty on my own. The class was at seven, and I thought "The heck with it! I can make it!" The gym is good to me when I can't sleep. It doesn't make sense but exercise is almost a substitute. Or at least it makes it easier to sleep the next time I try.

A was the instructor. Apparently she teaches a weekly kickboxing Burn class, which is... well, you all work out together to music, as I understand it, but it costs extra. The regular classes don't cost anything above the membership.

(Other gym extras are towel service, personal training, massage, acupuncture, assisted stretching, some spa treatments, bootcamp classes, and the nursery. I am most interested in the personal training and stretching. Although I can't afford them now, I may be able to once the basic membership charges are getting handled differently.)

Anyway, it was A, me, and one other woman. She showed us some basic moves and then some combinations. It was pretty fun - I enjoy punching and kicking movements. It also gives me some confidence for maybe trying out the Boxing class, which I'm still a little intimidated by. Two things about it were frustrating - one was a short lecture at the beginning about how "this is still hard work even though you're not holding weights." Yes. Kickboxing is a form of bodyweight exercise. Strength training need not involve weights. I'm aware. The other frustrating thing was that A would show us two or three moves, and then add an extra move when showing us the combination. Choreography is hard for me. I need to learn all the pieces separately and then put them together. Once I said that, though, she broke it down for me and then I could manage fine. Many of the movements were familiar from self-defense.

It felt good. I felt pretty satisfied at the end. I didn't rock the house, but I didn't fall over either.

After that, I wanted a little cardio so I hustled along on the treadmill for another 25 minutes. Then I did a bit of stretching and hit the hot tub.

I love my gym. I do.
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