Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Hungry Mother

Last night my sweeties and I enjoyed our annual V-day celebration, delayed because the actual weekend of V-day all of us but me were out of town doing kinky things. We all enjoy upscale comfort food so when we go out in a herd, that is often what we choose.

Hungry Mother is an upscale Southern restaurant in Kendall Square. They are in a converted house kind of space, and the restaurant is still divided into several small rooms, which gives it an intimate feel.

When I mentioned my egg allergy to the waitress, she said, "Oh, yes, X went over the whole menu with the sous-chef." HURRAH. That inspired confidence.

The first thing we all looked at was the cocktail menu. trouble4hire and I both had the no. 52, which is a cocktail with pear brandy and hard apple cider.

We had three courses. For the first course, we shared an Artisan tasting platter - it had bread and butter pickles, pancetta-wrapped prunes, house mustard, and a delicious ham hock terrine. There were other things on the plate too, but those made the deepest impression, especially the terrine, which was AMAZING. I also had a salad at this point, which was good but not as fabu as everything else. trouble4hire had fish cakes and mrpet had beef tongue.

For the second course, I enjoyed grilled trout with an amazing sweet sauce and roasted root vegetables. I also had some of teratomarty's grits. Mmm, grits. trouble4hire had gnocchi, mrpet had an amzing pork shoulder, and teratomarty had terrific LadyA-safe fried oysters. YUM.

My last course consisted of a drink, which is my chief solution to places that have no desserts I can safely consume. Having a cocktail, glass of port, or nice cup of tea while others are enjoying their desserts makes me feel less cranky about not being able to have one myself. mrpet had the coconut cake and teratomarty and trouble4hire shared a moon pie with creme anglaise.

But I have not yet shared with you the most exciting thing (for me) about this dinner. teratomarty gave me a doll! A doll that he made!

And not just any doll. Oh no. It is, in fact, a Pretty Fucking Princess doll. She has wings, a lacy top and shiny tutu, a pink boa... and black combat boots with pink laces! OMG so good. So so good. Made just for me!

For those who are unfamiliar with the whole Pretty Fucking Princess thing, here is a picture of her fabulosity. And here is a depiction of her origins.

I feel really loved today.
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