Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

all that, and dancing girls too

Friday night, I met trouble4hire in Harvard Square and we took public transit together to the gallery openings. This was made even more enjoyable by our gossiping about Craigslist.

Once there, we were joined by teratomarty, rampala, and mrpet (though the latter had to be dragged out of Bobby's of Boston).

The art this time was not quite my favorite, but the company is always a good time. :) Possibly the best part was when we were in a gallery of art that... well, looked like bags and boxes of trash. There was a paper bag full of cement, for example. I would include a link to pictures but I'm having a hard time figuring out which gallery it was.

I'm standing there with rampala, and mrpet says to us, "I have got to get a grant. I've just got to." He looks around and shakes his head, and then says it again.
I then related to rampala the time that we had looked at a similar exhibit and teratomarty said, "I have got to get in on this racket." My response? "No, no! You're feeling INSPIRED by this AESTHETIC!" We all had a good laugh.

I told rampala that I thought our little herd was a bad influence on the other art patrons. She said she thought that we are, rather, a good influence on a community that takes itself rather too seriously.

One of the artists whose work I deeply enjoyed was Elisa Johns. She had a lovely Pretty Pretty Princess style painting, which you can see here - click the right arrow, and then click on the girl with the tiara. The piece is called Marie at Tea. Yeah!
There was also some great gay-themed photography. teratomarty - "I just don't understand what the girl is doing in the guy's bed in that picture." Me - "I think maybe it was an accident. Like, she fell." In the same gallery, trouble4hire added a granola bar to a beanbag-ish chair, which made it look like it was alive and eating a granola bar. Then we took pictures with our cell phones.

After that, trouble4hire, teratomarty, mrpet and I went to the Red Fez, one of our standby places for post-art dinner. I was surprised and delighted to discover that they had live music that night, which was quite good, and a belly dancer, who was attractive but not as talented as the musicians. We were all less delighted by the older guy at a nearby table who was drunk enough to think he remembered how he could dance when he was eighteen. When he actually got up to attempt to demonstrate this, the other members of his party pulled on their coats and pulled him out the door.

The next morning, I said to mrpet, "Don't worry, baby. I won't let that happen to you. No matter what it takes." "A taser?" "Baby, I am HERE for you, and I will do whatever is necessary. Even if it takes a taser."
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