Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

new gear

So, my life has three new pieces of gear this week.

First is a new-to-me gym bag. I have been watching the thrift stores as the hole in mine got bigger and bigger. I found a bright blue gym bag at Boomerang for three bucks. It says Fitcorp on the side and probably was free with someone's membership. It's actually much nicer than the one I have currently - roomy and machine-washable. The big shoulder strap is padded and adjustable. The only problems are that it has a faint scent of makeup (I'm sure that will pass with time) and that the buckles don't like to stay adjusted (but I have a few ideas about who I can ask for help with that). :) It's very nice and not smelly. Yay. I thought it was smaller than the first gym bag, but it's actually a bit larger, and it has a pocket, too. Huzzah.

Second and third - trouble4hire was sweet enough to volunteer to get me a few accessories for my new laptop. We waited a month before we picked anything out, which was brilliant since it turns out that a lot of the things that I thought I wanted are either included with the computer or not as necessary as I imagined. So, I told her that what I did want was a new laptop case and a bigger flashdrive. Both of these things are pink.

The laptop case is gorgeous. It's pink mockodile. I chose it on looks but it's really well-designed. It has a sleeve that my laptop cooler fits in, and a little seatbelt for the computer, and a pouch for the cable. It has a hard shell and it zips up. Really awesome and it will be great for travel - stain-resistant, I imagine as well. It could accomodate a laptop a bit larger than mine or the same size - if you have a smaller one, though, there are a lot of cute bags sized for them these days.

The flash drive is a matching shade of pink, with stripes. I chose a smaller one (4g, still twice the size of my previous one) because I liked the aesthetic. Also, the larger one memory-wise was small enough dimension-wise that I was worried I might lose it. My old laptop does not see it, but it seems to work fine with the new one. It has a lanyard but I might replace that with a short ballchain or something.

All in all, quite happy with my acquisitions. Next on the list, I believe, will be a new pair of sneakers. I usually buy Converse for hanging out in, but I might choose something different this time. We'll see.
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