Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

amazing dream

I dreamed I was visiting a friend somewhere very queer, though it wasn't actually Ptown in a way I recognized. It turned out that one of her lovers was a queer blond guy I had known years and years ago. (In reality I don't know who this would be, I can't think of any queer blond guys from my past.) I had always wanted him and we went to bed together in a temporary house. He was warm and willing and we were practicing safer sex. He had never been with a girl before (been a while since I took that particular ride). He was shy but kept smiling at me.

Once the carpenters had finished taking down the house, we all went outside. I had a Honey-safe cookie and I shared pieces with him. There were lots of other queer people around. A double spiral dance was starting. My back was pressed against a woman in a belly dancing outfit, and we were all singing together as we danced into the sunshine.

Soundtrack to this dream "You Get What You Give" - New Radicals, "Spiralling Into the Center" - pagan chant
Tags: dreams
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