Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

a shout-out for ME!

So, I know I've mentioned here that my three favorite internet radio stations are Groove Salad, Whole Wheat Radio, and Radio Paradise.

Whole Wheat Radio is a pretty neat station. It's based out of Alaska and they play indie folk music. trouble4hire liked it when I played it around her and she discovered that there is a wiki, which we both signed up for. One of the benefits of this wiki is that those signed on can look and see who is listening at a given time. One of the other benefits is that you can request music, and that is how most of their playlists are generated - they only use DJs if they run out of listener requests.

I was listening in my room, and I heard a guy's voice say, "I just wanted to suggest that for the current show, the next five hours, we play our favorites. We have a lot of new listeners, like LadyAnemone, and instead of requesting obscure stuff like $ArtistINeverHeardOf let's show off the stuff that makes us so great for a while. I see LadyAnemone is listening from a Streamium, which is apparently a wireless device, how cool is that?"

How cool my wireless stereo is? It's nothing compared to the excitement of hearing my name on a radio station I love! Awesome!

If you like folk music, you should try Whole Wheat Radio. Really you should.
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