Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

The Martin Sexton Showdown

This afternoon tsuj and I had an intense... discussion about the songs of folk artist Martin Sexton.

She had not heard my favorite - Angeline - and I had not heard hers - Diner. We were unable to come to agreement. So now, my loyal readers, it is up to you. Which song is the best?

One has crowd noise, the other has an unrelated TV show as the picture, so I think it evens out.

Poll #1388167 Martin Sexton Showdown

Which is the superior tune?

Do you ladies have too much time on your hands, or what?

Clearly, I'm starting to need an icon for folk music. Anybody? Bueller?

ETA: Also clearly, I forgot to include an important poll option, "Gosh, LadyA, I'm so impressed you posted two embedded videos and a poll in one post!" I am, in fact, a little proud of myself for doing that.
Tags: music, polls
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