Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Papa's On the Housetop

Yesterday I introduced tsuj to a song I like a lot, "Papa's on the Housetop." However, I warned her that it had a verse she wouldn't like. She is a vegetarian. She carefully didn't really listen but she heard the word "chicken" and she said, "I don't think things are going to turn out well for the chicken!" I agreed that was correct, and told her I liked her so much I would make her a replacement verse.

Mama told Papa be quiet as a mouse
So Papa climbed up on top of the house
Made a lot of whoopee, made a lot of noise
Stood up and cheered with the rest of the boys

Baby's in the cradle, brothers gone to town
Sister's in the parlor trying on a gown
Mama's in the kitchen messin' all around
Papa's on the housetop and won't come down.

The blues they come, yes the blues they come
Nobody knows where the blues come from
The blues they go, yes the blues they go
Everybody's happy when the old blues go.

Baby's in the cradle...

Papa saw a chicken out in the yard
Picked up a rock and hit him hard
Hit him hard, killed him dead
Now the chicken's in the gravy
And the gravy's on the bread.

Baby's in the cradle...

The blues they come...

Baby's in the cradle...

My extra substitute verse:

"Sister's got a girl and brother's got a beau
Papa's got a mistress but Mama don't know
Mama loves a butcher on the other side of town
Papa got a clue, now he won't come down."

I'm thinking about creating an additional one about biscuits, since the original verse had to do with food. But, as we already know, the paths in my brain that lead to sex are many and well-trodden, so that was what I came up with first.
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