Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks

Title: Tempting Danger
Author: Eileen Wilks
Series: World of the Lupi #1
Genre: Sexy pentacle tattoo
Pages: 309
Copyright Date: 2004
Cover: A nude woman from chest to lips. wearing a jeweled pendant that looks like a bee.
First line: "He didn't have much face left."
Best part: I like the main character and the multiple worlds she inhabits.
Worst part: Mysterious "goddess soul bonding" which makes people want to hump each other. If they ignore the humping desire THEY WILL GO MAD!! I mean please. PLEASE. I'm begging.
Imaginary Theme Song: "I Put A Spell On You" - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Grade: C
Recommended for: Folks that like romance with werewolves.
Related Reads: Prince of Shadows by Susan Krinard, Wyndham Werewolves series by MaryJanice Davidson, Hunter's Moon by CT Adams and Cathy Clamp.
Tags: books 2009, fiction
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