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Shadow's Son by Shirley Meier, SM Sterling, and Karen Wehrstein

Title: Shadow's Son
Authors: Shirley Meier, SM Sterling, and Karen Wehrstein
Series: Fifth Millenium #4
Genre: Fantasy, alternate history, sword and sorceress
Topical Arc: Read the books on my bookshelf!
Pages: 442
Copyright Date: 1991
Cover: Two armored figures charge towards each other, holding lances. One is on a grey horse, the other looks to be on a large weasel-headed steed. Up top it says "Not without my son!" in small letters.
First line: "The address was written with an Arkan pen, leaving none of the sputters and blots a quill would leave."
Best part: This book really moved the characters along, especially Sh'kaira and Sova.
Worst part: Lots of references to child rape.
Imaginary Theme Song: "We Will Be Invincible" by Pat Benatar
Grade: C+
Recommended for: Fans of the series, those who like "rape and revenge" type tales in highly defined worlds.
Related Reads: Saber and Shadow (the revised, expanded version of the first book, which is still my favorite), The Queen's Own series, Sword and Sorceress series.

Sh'kaira and Megan are starting to put the past behind them. They run a successful merchant house with their new husband and wife - a happy group marriage. But the pair has one more adventure, and it starts with a letter - a letter that reveals the whereabouts of Megan's long-lost son. Child of a rape, sold into slavery, he lives as a dancing boy, offering entertainment and companionship to older men. Now that his mother and her beloved companion know he is alive, they must find him - but at what cost?

This book is hard to read, disturbing, but includes some important lessons about the things that we carry with us. It does also have some tough moral choices for all the characters, and girls kicking butt, and cranky familiar animals. C+, mainly because a lot of what it shows is pretty bleak, though hopeful at the end.
Tags: books 2009, fiction
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