Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

dance party and tributes

Last night I went to the outdoor dance party that Cambridge throws annually in front of city hall. How have I lived in Boston so long without ever hearing about this? It was way fun, only saw one person I knew but still had a great time and danced my @$$ off.

They did a Michael Jackson tribute set, which they, sadly, repeated at a certain point. I would have liked a second MJ tribute set if they felt they must. Surely they had all day to buy additional appropriate music! They hadn't even played Beat It! Or my favorite song of his, Rock With You, which always reminds me of this awesome all-night loft party I went to about six or seven years ago.

Anyway, I had been hearing the gentleman's music all day long - in fact, I hadn't even realized there was so much of it. People quite reasonably wanted to play it to honor his memory. So here's my question, friends - when you have passed on, what would YOU like people to do to honor your memory?
Tags: questions
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