Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

live in abundance.

So many things I am grateful for.

I enjoy good health, as do my beloveds.
Someone else I am really close to who's been having a hard time is starting to feel better.
I have lots of colors of nail polish.
Kitten antics! Plus, I can leave the cats alone together now. They like each other.
Our farmshare. Local veggies every week! trouble4hire brings them right to my house! We've been doing it for a while but it still amazes me that it can be this good.
My computer also enjoys good health.
I am comfortable with my housemates.
I found a new therapist that I love.
The public library - so many books, for free!
A labyrinth, near my house!
My gym, which I love.
I have money in savings. I have health insurance. I have plenty of food. Lots of people can't say that.
STUDENT LOANS PAID OFF! I'm grateful to both myself and mrpet for that.

ETA: And Cheap Thrills! I'm wicked grateful for that website. <3
Nearest library branch now has free wireless along with AC. I think I'll stop by there later today.
Goodwill! All your delicious cheapness!
Brazilian music.
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