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Fall of Light by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Title: Fall of Light
Author: Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Series: Lazelle family #2
Genre: Urban fantasy
Reason for Reading: I love this author.
Pages: 320
Copyright Date: 2009
Cover: A woman in a white nightdress leans against a tree, looking worried. Sparkles suggest that magic is in the air.
First line: "When Opal LaZelle arrived at the Makeup trailer on the set of Forest of the Night, she found her personal employer, Corvus Weather, asleep at her station."
Best part: The inner workings of Opal's mind as she does her magic.
Worst part: The ending, which left me going, "Huh?"
Imaginary Theme Song: "Masquerade" from Phantom of the Opera
Grade: C
Recommended for: Fans of the author, fans of fantasy combined with moviemaking.
Related Reads: A Fistful of Sky by the same author (first in the series), Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff, Born to Run by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.

Makeup artist Opal LaZelle is a little different. But hey, everybody working in show biz has at least a few quirks, right? Opal's quirks include a dysfunctional family, a tendency to fall in love with the people she does makeup for... and just a bit of magic. On a secluded location spot, Opal's magic will be tested - along with her wits, her family ties, and her not-so-secret crush on her hunky new boss. Who will come out the victor?

I found the book compelling but mainly alternated between feeling sorry for the main character and wishing she would stop acting so stupid. I don't think this is one of Hoffman's best.
Tags: books 2009, fiction
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