Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg


In my dream I was at a baby workshop with a client and her baby. Her husband was away doing something military. She said she had been feeling very overwhelmed and really wanted some extra help. Could I help her with the baby for the next few days? I said yes. She gave me the baby. Then I discovered she was planning to stay at the workshop and expected me to drive back to her house with the baby. I said I couldn't drive, so she asked her friend to drive us. mrpet was there for some reason and she wanted to stay and chat with him instead of coming back with me and the baby. I volunteered to accompany her to a post-partum conference - it would be really good for me, I thought - and she said she would think about it. The baby wrapped one arm and then the other tightly around my neck. I remembered that I had said I would spend the next few days with a friend and realized that now, I was double-booked.

I hear you loud and clear, subconscious.
Tags: dreams
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