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When I was a kid and took long car trips with my family, we mostly passed the time by reading and playing games. ("I'm packing grandmother's trunk, and I'm packing...") However, I do remember a camping trip my sister and I took with our aunt and uncle when we sang in the car. They taught us songs we hadn't heard before - I most remember the Bible song Rise and Shine, about Noah and the Ark - and we also sang ones we already knew, like All God's Critters and America the Beautiful. About four or five years ago (that long? really?) I took a lovely weekend trip with redjo to Maine. She told me that she really liked singing in the car. We sang pagan chants, old pop hits, and even some sea chanteys. I think it was that same year that I took a long car trip with openupenterin and her sweetie and we enjoyed singing together ("Holding Out for a Hero" was our most memorable offering). In the past year or so, I have been really enjoying singing in the car with tsuj. I have a good memory for lyrics and can think of songs on the fly, and she is terrific with harmony, and those two things make a pretty good pairing. Some of the songs we have sung together on multiple occasions are "You've Got a Friend," "Country Roads," "Two of a Kind," "Living Planet" and "We All Need More Kindness in This World." At some of these songs we've actually gotten rather good.

Sunday we took our show public on a drive from Hartford to Boston with trouble4hire and teratomarty. I began the music with the traditional folk song "Wild Rippling Waters," which has a call and response. I thought that would make it easier for those who didn't know the song to join in if they wished. The other two didn't sing with us but they said it sounded nice. Then teratomarty chimed in with a request for "All God's Critters," beloved song of camps and elementary school music teachers everywhere. We did that one all together, and then he led us in the Potato Song. Po-tay-to! I wowed the audience with my passionate rendition of "Old Time Religion." (In other words, when I sang the verse about Loki, Mart laughed so hard he almost drove us off the road.) We concluded with the sweet old Greg Brown song "Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon." trouble4hire requested the song "If I Were a Moose, and You Were a Cow," and I have been studying the lyrics since then in the hopes of offering it to her another time.

It was deeply enjoyable and I hope to pimp out tsuj's and my car-singing skills in exchange for rides in the near future.

What do you love to sing in the car? Tell us!
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