Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

five words from veek

minion - teratomarty uses this word to talk about friends of his from fandom who are younger than him and who he mentors. My own equivalent of that is csixballistics. She and I have been friends for more than a year now despite never having met face to face - something I would have thought to be impossible once upon a time. I help her write, and we give each other a lot of emotional support, and she tells me lightbulb jokes.

incognito Incognito is the word hidden in my current default user pic, one that I made in hopes of creating an icon that would represent something of how I feel about wearing headscarves. Here is a link to the article that contributed greatly to my thinking about that, Refusing Identification.

novel This fall I have been working a lot on using resources that I already have in new and novel ways. For instance, by turning my old laptop into a fake desktop and using it for backup storage of the important files on my new laptop.

rotor I think you've all noticed my recent interest in SM Stirling's Change series. This has also kindled a deeper interest in sustainability and emergency preparedness. Cattle-drawn rotors are mentioned as an important piece of technology in the post-Change world. I am reading When Technology Fails and I am thinking about what skills and objects I would like to have available to me in event of an emergency.

elysium The word Elysium makes me think of a book I read a while back, a scholarly examination of the cult of Dionysus. One of the central questions of the book is whether psychotropic drugs were consumed as part of these worship practices. The book is The God Who Comes: Dionysian Mysteries Revisited by Rosemarie Taylor-Perry.

Thanks, veek, that was fun! Leave a comment to get five words yourself.
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