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Bar None by Tim Lebbon

Title: Bar None: A Novel of Chilling Suspense, Apocalyptic Beauty, and Fine Ales
Author: Tim Lebbon
Genre: Science fiction, postapocalyptic fiction.
Setting: The UK, after things go badly wrong.
Reason for Reading: I've been on a postapocalyptic kick recently. I'm sure you already noticed.
Pages: 193
Copyright Date: 2009
Cover: Looks like a green guy floating in a glass of beer. He's wearing black pants and a white dress shirt.
First line: "Six months after the end of the world, the air up here is amazingly clear."
Best part: I really enjoyed the imagery.
Worst part: Some of the narrative is a little incoherent.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Sine Language" by Crystal Method
Grade: C
Recommended for: Beer fans. Seriously, I would have enjoyed this book so much more if I had been able to relate to the evocative descriptions of beer.
Related Reads: Dies the Fire, of course, and Here Be Dragons too. It has a really different tone from those, though, maybe a bit more like Beat the Reaper with less violence.

This is not the only post-apocalyptic novel I've read recently where cannibals are portrayed as the bad guys. Folks, if there is ever a zombiepocalypse, lawnmowerpocalypse, hamsterpocalypse, or whatever, and I don't make it, you have permission to eat my corpse, all right? I'm just being practical. You don't have permission to kill me, but if I die in some other way, well, I won't be using my body anymore. Just make sure I'm well-done first, I hear you can get nasty diseases otherwise.

Tags: books 2009, fiction
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