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Hemning Sternberg

The Season by Sarah McLean

Title: The Season
Author: Sarah MacLean
Genre: Historical YA.
Setting: Regency England.
Reason for Reading: I thought it was the first book in the Luxe series. I may have been wrong about that.
Pages: 336
Copyright Date: 2009
Cover: Three girls in daring Empire gowns. The blond one wears pink, with rose gloves. The darker one wears yellow with white gloves (not a good choice I'm afraid) and the third is in deep blue with matching gloves, in complete disregard of the fact that she has red hair.
First line: "The rain fell steadily on the rocks marking the edge of the Essex countryside, where the land fell in sheer cliffs to a frigid winter sea." I initially typed the first noun of that sentence as "train," which made it a lot funnier.
Best part: I enjoy the trio of friends at the center of the book.
Worst part: It didn't feel Regency. It felt like Gossip Girl in a corset. Well-brought up noble girls of this time period do not talk about their undergarments in mixed company or wear makeup without creating scandal.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Love Cats" by the Cure is about right
Grade: C
Recommended for: Anyone wishing to get lost in the clothing, dancing, and flirtation of a London Season.
Related Reads: Sorcery and Cecilia by Wrede and Stevermer is a much better book. Second Sight by Amanda Quick is slightly more adult but has a more engaging heroine.
Tags: books 2009, fiction
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